Michelle Anderst "Half Shadow"

Michelle Anderst "Half Shadow"


Michelle Anderst (Seattle)

Half Shadow
limited edition archival print, hand embellished with gold accents
11" x 11"
comes in protective clear sleeve.

"The second in my series on the nature of numbers. The dyad describes duality and is born out of the monad, or number one, in replication of itself. The geometry which results is called the Vesica Pisces, the shape which gives birth to every other form. "Two" embodies the nature of polarity: night/day, 'male/female, heaven/earth."

Michelle Anderst is a Seattle-based fine artist and scientific illustrator whose paintings of biological structures serve as both works of art as well as aesthetic statements on ecological consciousness in the modern world. Through her use of sacred geometry, vibrant colors and organic subject matter, such as bees, fungi, and coral, Anderst creates unique microcosms of the greater natural world, illustrating the interdependence of all living things, no matter how seemingly small or distantly related. Many of her paintings revolve around the exploration of the hive mind and the various ways in which humans and animal species co-create in a delicate dance of  internal and external evolution.

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